Becoming a Member

The Associaton defines a Casting Director as:

A person whose primary source of income is derived from the casting of broadcast commercials as defined by the most recently approved SAG/AFTRA Commercial Contract. A member of said Associaton is defined as any person engaged for no less than two (2) years as a commercial or theatrical casting director and who is responsible for his or her own business and who can (when requested) provide proper verification of such activity, unless otherwise authorized by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

Associate Eligibility:

Any person engaged as a Casting Associate for no less than two (2) years and with the intent to become a professional casting director may apply for an Associate membership in the Association. Associate members are non-voting members.

Any person (either a Casting Director or Casting Associate) who meets the above mentioned qualifications for membership shall submit a written request for membership which must be accompanied by no less than one (1) letter of recommendation from a member in good standing of this Association and (1) letter from a member of the ATA to the attention of the Membership Committee for review. Upon review, the Membership Committee will alert the Board of Directors of the candidate’s submission and the approval or disapproval of the candidate’s submission. Those candidates who are approved by the Membership Committee and subsequently approved by the Board of Directors will become members of the Association. The Board of Directors has the authority and right to accept any applicant they deem qualified to be a part of the Association by unanimous vote.


DUES – as of August 1, 2016, The annual dues for this Association are:

  • Casting Directors - $100.00 (one hundred dollars) This fee includes one associate.

  • Associate Members - $50.00 (fifty dollars)


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Camaraderie, Community, Peer Support
  • Monthly newsletters to keep you informed on current industry trends
  • Educational Events with Guest Speakers & Panel Discussions
  • Quarterly Updates from SAG-AFTRA
  • Access to private discussion group
  • Connect with Talent Agents at Annual Hosted Events
  • Charity Fundraisers to Benefit the Community
  • Primary support on the major submission services